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Towards the post-protestant work ethic
Written by Marx Acosta-Rubio 2019
Guest blog for Richard Koch
Can we get beyond the Protestant work ethic, which Richard damned, in a recent post?
Richard says that hard work does not equal success, and isn’t even desirable.

IF hard work isn’t the key to success, then what is?
But I’d like to propose something different – the ‘Post-
Marx’s GTD Story
Written by Marx Acosta-Rubio 2018
Your name
Marx Acosta-Rubio

What do you do for work?
I own several companies and coach entrepreneurs how to be successful and happy.

Where do you live?
Near Dallas, Texas.
7 reasons why most business owners fail to build a high-performing sales team.
Written by Marx Acosta-Rubio 2018
There appears to be a lost art to actually remembering, that the sole purpose of owning any business is to generate the highest possible income for its owner(s).

We hear all this talk about “add value”, “build a great product”, “conquer your market”, “build something to sell it”, and the list goes on and on and on....
The role of the CEO, owner, or entrepreneur.
Written by Marx Acosta-Rubio 2018
Some people considered me a very successful business owner, by the age of 32, but it wasn't until I was 34, that I actually uncovered the “role of the CEO.”

Since I first started my business as a sole practitioner, using the phone to sell the commodities business to business, I had no intentions of understanding really what a business owner or a CEO actually did. You know, what was there "job description...

How much more money would you make if your salespeople were high performers?
Written by Marx Acosta-Rubio 2018
When I first grew my company, our average salesperson sold five times more than the competition.

That means that it would take five salespeople from any of our other competitors, to equal the same amount of sales that one of our average salespeople did....
Little Known Ways to Increase Sales
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